Boosting Standard Classification Architectures Through a Ranking Regularizer

Ahmed Taha, Yi-Ting Chen, Teruhisa Misu, Abhinav Shrivastava, Larry Davis


We employ triplet loss as a feature embedding regularizer to boost classification performance. Standard architectures, like ResNet and Inception, are extended to support both losses with minimal hyper-parameter tuning. This promotes generality while fine-tuning pretrained networks. Triplet loss is a powerful surrogate for recently proposed embedding regularizers. Yet, it is avoided due to large batch-size requirement and high computational cost. Through our experiments, we re-assess these assumptions. During inference, our network supports both classification and embedding tasks without any computational overhead. Quantitative evaluation highlights a steady improvement on five fine-grained recognition datasets. Further evaluation on an imbalanced video dataset achieves significant improvement. Triplet loss brings feature embedding characteristics like nearest neighbor to classification models.


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